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Products & Services

Rockwood Bank offers a wide range of products and services designed to help both individuals and businesses prosper. We strive to provide the highest level of value to our customers.

Working together with residents and businesses on a local level, we want to build the economic vitality of the community. We believe that keeping money local is the best way to a brighter, more secure future for residents and business owners.

  • CHECKING ACCOUNTS - We offer business and individual checking accounts with debit cards, overdraft protection and no monthly maintenance fees.
  • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - Whether you are starting out in a new job or you want to set aside some cash for a special purpose or a special person, our Deposit Accounts offer easy access and current interest rates.
  • CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT - Certificates of Deposit provide a safe and profitable way to save your hard-earned cash. We have competitive interest rates and convenient terms.
  • RETIREMENT PLANS - Individual Retirement Accounts are excellent savings tools. There are a variety of IRAs available for you to consider.

  • ONLINE BANKING - Save stamps and time with our free online banking and bill payment service.

    • Direct Deposit of Social Security, V.A. and Payroll
    • Merchant Credit Card Processing
    • Safe Deposit Boxes
    • 24-Hour Teller Machine (A.T.M.) at each location
    • MONEYPASS Network Access (A.T.M.)
    • 24-Hour Touch-Tone Telephone Banking (636-938-3363)
    • After-Hour Depository
    • Check Imaging
    • E-statements and Notices
    • Prestige Club (55+ Members)