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Message From Marilyn

Welcome to Rockwood Bank Prestige Club

I’m so happy you chose to open my welcome message today. Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m Marilyn Mays, Sr. Vice President & Prestige Club Director. I currently share the privilege to serve you alongside my Assistant Prestige Club Director Jean Tucker. 

There is no time better than now to join our Prestige Club. Trust in us the experts to plan your next adventure whether it is a one day, one week or for a little longer. Jean and I carefully select the best trips for active seniors. Our carefully crafted itineraries offer the perfect balance of guided sightseeing while allowing you free time for exploration.

Jean and I are well seasoned Directors (25+ years) who enjoy serving our members, while offering you exceptional values. We love taking you behind the scenes, introducing you to the specialists and making sure every detail is handled properly no matter how small.

What does that mean for you? It means we serve up the FUN while you don’t have to worry about setting up dates, times, pricing, or searching a map for directions.

We personally take the stress out of planning that special getaway! 

Listed below are just a few things we offer: 

  • Experienced Professional Directors
  • VIP to sights and shows
  • Most delicious meals
  • Luxury Motor coach on Land Travel
  • Best Pricing Available
  • Introduction to new friends

Last but not least ... FUN, Fun, fun and always lots of laughter! 

So please feel free to take a peek at the exciting trips we have planned for this year by clicking on the calendar and select which may be perfect for you. 

Thank you for visiting our website today, I can’t wait to have you join us!

Marilyn Mays      636-677-9222

Jean Tucker       636-458-9222 

See all you can see

Be filled with fun and glee

When you travel with the Prestige Club and me….

Marilyn Mays