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Our Community

More than 25 years ago, Rockwood Bank was established to meet the financial needs of people who lived and worked in communities throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area. Since then, Rockwood Bank has become part of the local landscape.

As a community bank committed to being a good neighbor, Rockwood Bank not only demonstrates its commitment by engaging in sound and ethical business practices, but also by giving back in various ways. In addition to sponsoring local events, we contribute funds, volunteer time, and engage in community outreach.  By partnering with the people, businesses, and organizations that make each community special, we have a positive impact on the communities where our customers and employees live and work.

Popcorn Fridays have been a tradition at Rockwood Bank since we opened. Every day that a customer walks through our doors is a special day. We have treats for everyone, including the family dog. We also enjoy conducting tours for the local elementary students.

In June, we host a Customer Appreciation Day at each branch location. We also participate in Eureka Days, golf tournaments, trivia nights, and other community events.

Our Prestige Club was created to provide special benefits to the members, including the opportunity to participate in group travel.